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Let’s consider what concrete is used for, the applications are almost endless. Concrete is the most versatile building product the world has known and, as our General Manager has said on more than one occasion, not everybody in construction is an expert on concrete. That’s why our concrete is under the watchful eye of our Quality Control staff. They make sure our product conforms to ASTM specifications for strength, temperature, slump, air content and unit weight. Quality control begins before the mix leaves the plant and continues at the jobsite, using industry standards to make sure loads conform to specifications. With our technicians in place we can reduce or eliminate potential problems with the finished product. By being proactive, the result means protection for the customer should problems come from another source, such as site preparation. Contact us for more information about quality control at CRMP, Inc.
A staff of quality personnel is available to our customers. The area managers are Steve Duncan, Mark Kinsey, and Tom Sawyer. Mike Simmons is our quality assurance manager. All of our plant managers are certified concrete technicians.

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