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Our Timeline

CRMP, Inc. welcomes the opportunity for more exciting growth and expansion. The Newsomes, Bob, Tim, and Jane, along with General Manager Charles Harrell and their support staff, are poised to lead the company into new and challenging projects. The commitment to retain the best personnel, to invest in the latest technology and modern equipment and rolling stock, and to provide excellent customer service is the basis of the company philosophy; a philosophy that will remain the foundation for the CRMP, Inc.’s future as it moves forward in the ready mix industry.

"We are pleased about our growth. We've been in growth mode for many years."

R. A. Newsome Jr.

/CEO - President

The Beginning

New Ready Mix Plants
Cofield, NC in 1975

Originating in northeastern North Carolina in 1975, Commercial Ready Mix Products, Inc. reaches into the metropolitan Tidewater area of Virginia and the outer banks of North Carolina.

1975 - 1979
A decade of growth!

New Ready Mix Plants
Ahoskie, NC in 1982
Franklin, VA in 1985

In September of 1982, Commercial Ready Mix Products, Inc. purchases Chowan Concrete. The company now has two batch locations, Cofield, NC and Ahoskie, NC.

With 32 ready-mix trucks, here are some notable jobs during this period:
-- Ace Hardware (Ahoskie)
-- Duck Tru Food Stores
-- Trade Mart
-- Red Apple Stores
-- De-inking Plant (Union Camp Franklin VA)
-- Planter's Peanut (Suffolk, VA)
-- US 17 Bridge over the Perquimans River.

1980 - 1989
Virginia in the Spotlight

New Ready Mix Plants
Suffolk, VA in 1991
Winfall, NC in 1992
Edenton, NC in 1996
Chesapeake, VA in 1998
Fairfield, NC in 1998
Columbia, NC in 1998
Newsome Pit #2 - Pendleton, NC in 1998

In 1999, CRMP, Inc. focused on centralizing operations in its Virginia marketplace. In September of 1999, a centralized dispatch office was opened in Suffolk, responsible for taking all orders for the area. Centralized dispatch has proven successful. The company is proud of its customer service. A dedicated dispatch team works diligently to provide on time orders, while best utilizing the company’s fleet of trucks.

1990 - 1999
Portable Plants

New Ready Mix Plants
Elizabeth City, NC in 2000
Portable Plant - Charlottsville, VA in 2002
Corporate Office - Winton, NC in 2003
Portsmouth, VA in 2007
Maintenance Facility - Winton, NC in 2007

In 2002, CRMP, Inc. began a new chapter in its history with a portable plant onsite at a Wal-Mart distribution center project near Charlottesville, Virginia. Since then, the company completed a similar facility for Wal-Mart near Dover, Delaware, and provided onsite concrete for a Sterilite distribution center in Clinton, South Carolina. The production total for the three distribution centers exceeded 150,000 cubic yards.

Upon completion of these projects, portable operations moved to Portsmouth, Virginia to provide onsite concrete for the APM Marine Container Terminal.

2000 - 2009
Onsite Concrete Specialist

New/Moved Ready Mix Plants
CRMP Trucking, LLC - Cofield, NC in 2010
Emporia, VA in 2011
Moyock, NC in 2011
Portable - Garysburg, VA in 2012
Portable - Lawrenceville, VA in 2012
Portable - Dominion Blvd, VA in 2013
Nags Head, NC in 2014
Buxton, NC in 2014
Portable - Waves, NC in 2014
Portable - Elizabeth City, NC in 2016
Portable - Chesapeake, VA in 2018

In 2012 on of our Portable Plants were moved to Lawrenceville, VA to provide onsite concrete to Dominion Power Brunswick County Power Station near Freeman, VA.

In 2013 our portable plant produces concrete for the Dominion Blvd Improvements in Chesapeake which included road widening and a new bridge crossing the Elizabeth River.

2014 CRMP Trucking LLC established to assist customers with long haul runs. Nucor Maintenance contractor site established.

The most recent additions to the North Carolina market are plants in Moyock and Nags Head, both opened in 2014. Along with the company’s Elizabeth City plant located next to the Vulcan Materials yard on Knobbs Creek Drive, CRMP, Inc. has positioned itself to supply concrete to meet the anticipated growth in and around the Elizabeth City, Camden, Currituck, and entire Outer Banks area.

The Nags Head facility includes its own stationary and mobile maintenance units, and a fleet of mixer trucks capable of servicing the specific needs of the Outer Banks area.

In 2014 a new portable operation was purchased to help complete the replacement of the Bonner Bridge.

Later in 2016 one of our portable operations takes root in Elizabeth City, NC where we provide concrete for the Desert Wind project. Pouring 106 foundations for windmills off Hwy 17.

After the dominion bridge project our portable moves to another location in Chesapeake to provide concrete for the High Rise Bridge expansion.

2010 - 2019
Current Status

New/Moved Ready Mix Plants
South Hill, VA in 2019
Hampton, VA in 2020
Sand Pit - Bent River Lewiston-Woodville, NC in 2020
Suffolk, VA in 2022

One of our portable plants is moved to Boydton, VA to provide onsite concrete for Microsoft Datacenter expantions.

Our Portsmouth Plant is moved to Hampton, VA to provide concrete to the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel replacement project.

A permanent plant has been re-established in Suffolk, VA off Kenyon Road. This location will provide onsite concrete to multiple warehouses currently under construction in the area.

Since their beginning in 1975, the Newsome family has guided the company in a pattern of increased growth. Currently, there are ten stationary dry batch concrete plants in operation and four portable dry batch plants, with a fleet of 80 mixer trucks, all within a 110 mile radius. CRMP Inc.’s concrete is used in all types of jobs and applications; commercial, residential, and industrial. Operations are supported by multiple maintenance units, which complete repairs, overhauls, and upgrades on the company’s trucks, equipment, and plants. Also, the Truck Haul Division transports the raw materials used within the company and makes sand, topsoil, mortar sand, crushed concrete, and stone deliveries to customers. CRMP’s Sand and Gravel operation provides high quality raw materials that are NCDOT and VDOT certified.

2020 - Present

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