Safety Info from Commercial Ready Mix Products, Inc.

A “strong commitment to safety,” is not just a cliché at CRMP, Inc. Tim Curley, Safety Director, heads our safety team along with Brian Futrell. Tim and the safety team incorporate the use of a Safety Committee and an Accident Review Board, made up of a cross section of our managers and employees. This team guides the managers and employees of Commercial Ready Mix to safe work practices and regulatory compliance. Our safety effort extends to the general public as well.

Because many of our employees are truck drivers only highly qualified applicants are considered for driving positions. Driver applicants must pass a screening process that includes a physical examination and pre-employment drug test. Our “Drug Free Workplace Program” involves everyone in the company, including company officers.

To improve our overall safety effort we also offer a variety of classes such as first aid and defensive driving, for anyone who drives a company vehicle. Training is also geared to OSHA and MSHA compliance.

To report unsafe acts or to discuss our safety program contact Tim Curley at (252) 358-5461 or e-mail at TimC@crmpinc.com[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]