Product Sales Information for CRMP, Inc.

CRMP, Inc. prides itself in being a leading producer in the ready mixed concrete industry. Concrete is enriching our lives in so many ways today. In the broadest sense, it’s providing the world’s most versatile building product within our community. We are always continuing our efforts to improve the ready mixed concrete industry through an ever-changing and expanding array of products and services. The future is bright for insulated concrete forms, (ICFs), for residential homes and condominiums. Concrete is poured into foam-insulated forms to create the walls, thus replacing the normal wooden studs. Iron oxides for integrally coloring concrete are available in more than 200 standard colors. Stamped and decorative concrete materials have become popular in the residential market. With this process, contractors can simulate the appearance of natural materials such as cobblestone, slate, stone tile or wood. High performance concrete, (HPC), is being used on highway and bridge projects for DOT as well as many other commercial applications. There are many value-added products available to our customers designed to help make your project better.

Specializing in…
Fiber Reinforced Concrete
Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF’s)
Flowable Fill
Exposed Aggregate Concrete
Colored Concrete
Lightweight Concrete
Pervious (Permeable) Concrete
Crusher/ Recycling

CRMP is There for You…

CRMP, Inc has fourteen plants located in Northeastern NC and Southeastern VA to service you. We have invested in the latest technology and modern equipment including computerized batching and centralized dispatching. All plants are capable of batching 10 or more cu/yds. per batch, which enables us to produce in excess of 150 cu/yds per hour from an individual plant. All plants are inspected on a regular basis and approved by the NCDOT and VDOT. Also all of our plants meet standards and specifications of the Concrete Plant Manufacturers Bureau.

Our staff of quality control personnel is available to our customers to assist with technical advice or problems. They are always eager to give you direction on critical factors such as mix design selection, curing, etc. Our mix designs are proportioned and tested by certified testing laboratories before being used on any projects. All materials are certified and meet ACI and ASTM specifications. If you need help, just give us a call.

The changing marketplace demands that we continually strive to promote the latest technology in our industry. Our staff is committed to this effort. They strive to deliver the very best in products and services to our customers. This focus continues to maximize our top priority – value to our customers.

CRMP concrete can be found in all types of projects, ranging from highways to bridges, to schools and museums, to shop floors and backyard pools. (Pictured to the left is the Chowan River Bridge with 70,000 Yards of CRMP Concrete) Our locations can provide concrete for all of your needs, commercial, residential and DOT certified projects. With a fleet of 70 mixer trucks, we can complete any project, scheduling trucks as needed to complete your pour.

We have provided concrete for the Elizabeth City Highway 17 Bypass, the Suffolk Bypass, and the Windsor, NC Highway 17 Bypass projects. CRMP also provided concrete for the Chowan River Bridge, which used over 70,000 yards of concrete, and the Rivers Correctional Institute (Federal Prison) in Winton, North Carolina. We provided the concrete for the Portsmouth (VA) APM Marine Terminal and have provided concrete for Wal-Mart distribution centers , Wal-Mart superstores and Lowe’s home centers. In December of 2007, we completed Phase I of runway repairs at the U.S. Coast Guard Support Center in Elizabeth City, NC. A broader list also includes numerous schools, prisons, water treatment plants, bridges, lumber yards, and airplane hangers. We are qualified to work on state and federal secured government facilities. Please contact Tommy Charles in the Winton office to inquire about job references. In addition, we have crews, specializing in all aspects of site and finish work available to complete your job.


Contacting Your Salesman…

Contact us at the numbers below. We would like to have the opportunity to assist you with your project.

Robert Eley
Virginia Sales Manager
Mobile: (757) 328-2291

Bill Kennedy
Virginia Salesman
Mobile: (757) 434-3900

Juan Sanchez
North Carolina Salesman
Office: (252) 335-9740
Mobile: (252) 312-4844

Chester Fraizer
North Carolina Salesman
Office: (252) 335-9740
Mobile: (252) 340-6046

Tommy Charles NC Sales & Portable
Onsite Plant Sales
Office: (252) 358-5461
Mobile: (252) 287-9618

Ryan James
Construction Manager/Sales
Office: (252) 358-5461
Mobile: (252) 287-0539