Mixer Fleet for Commercial Ready Mix Products, Inc.

Realizing the ready mix concrete industry is unforgiving of product failures, CRMP, Inc. has prioritized cost effectiveness and product quality by having the newest and largest fleet of ready mix trucks in the area. While serving both Southeastern VA and Northeastern NC markets, we pride ourselves in having one of the cleanest and most productive fleet of mixers in the market place.

We emphasize that a clean truck also suggests to the customer that we are professionals in every aspect of the concrete production process. A clean truck is also going to be a well-maintained truck and a safe truck to operate, one that can deliver the load on time to ensure customer satisfaction. A driver in a company uniform also projects a professional attitude. We only select drivers with good driving records and those records are checked on a regular basis. A comprehensive drug testing program is a part of our Substance Abuse policy for all employees, including drivers under DOT guidelines. Drivers receive training and attend an orientation before they represent our company in the market place. As we alluded to earlier this business doesn’t always allow for second chances.

From scheduling and dispatch to delivery CRMP, Inc. strives to take care of the customer’s needs. In addition, we have invested in the latest technology and safety innovations that allow us better control in making customer deliveries on time. With our large fleet of 80 radio dispatched and GPS located mixers, we are dedicated to giving our customers prompt deliveries and, with our central dispatch system and the close proximity of our plants, we can make scheduling an exact science. In Virginia, all trucks are scheduled and tracked via computerized graphical displays showing each truck in the fleet and its location. All mixers meet the standards of the Truck Mixer Manufacturers Bureau. CRMP, Inc. believes that the most competitive and successful fleets are the ones that actively seek out ways to be better. This means more profitability for our customers and being assured of receiving a good quality product.