Crusher Concrete Recycling Sales From Commercial Ready Mix Products, Inc.

For projects requiring excavation or demolition of existing structures, no method is faster, cleaner, and more cost effective than the services offered by CRMP, Inc. Our turn-key operation includes demolition, on-site crushing, and material removal. This process saves the customer time and money. At the heart of our operation is the Eagle Portable Ultra Max 1200-25CC crusher which produces an average of 200 tons an hour. Multiple screen sizes allow for more than one material to be crushed. The finished product is a reusable base or fill material suitable for a variety of sub-base applications. What are the economic advantages for the customer?

  • Reduces fuel and transportation cost.
  • Increases Revenue: recycle crushed materials on the same project or other projects that will be a less expensive alternative than natural aggregates.
  • Cuts tipping fees and landfill disposal fees.

The environmental benefits are great as well. You will be doing your part to conserve natural aggregates, reduce fuel emissions, and reduce the amount of waste being hauled to landfills.

We’ll go to your jobsite, whether it’s demolition debris, a concrete slab, or airport runway pavement. Contact the Winton, NC sales office (252-358-5461) to have a representative visit your site and give you a free quote.