Expectations of a Concrete Plant Manager

General Summary:

This position is responsible for the daily operation of the plant, including but not limited to safety, operations, maintenance, production, inventory control, environmental compliance and the support and supervision of the plant employees.


  • Ensure that a safe workplace is maintained, based on company policies and OSHA guidelines
  • Ensure that all products produced meet or exceed customer’s expectations regarding quality and service.
  • Ensure operation remains in compliance with all applicable environmental standards.
  • Maintain operations in excellent condition, mechanically and esthetically.
  • Prepare and ensure accuracy of paperwork resulting from daily business; on occasion, handle cash sales from customers.
  • Ensure that employees are working efficiently and consistently with company policies and guidelines.
  • Maintain a good working relationship with co-workers and outside agencies’ personnel.

Essential Duties:

  • Consistently monitors area to ensure safety and assure safe working habits and conditions.
  • Directly supports and manages Ready-Mix Drivers and Equipment Operators assigned to specific plant, whether permanently or on a temporary basis.
  • Leads training, team development and performance evaluations to ensure continuous improvement objectives are maintained.
  • Clearly communicates expectations and responsibilities to employees through constructive verbal and written communications. (One on one, plant meetings, postings, etc…)
  • Holds individuals accountable to expectations and performance. Provides constructive feedback and opportunity for improvement, however, takes corrective actions when necessary, following progressive disciplinary process to ensure consistent and fair treatment of employees.
  • Ensure maximum plant productivity on a daily basis. Identify, report and correct issues negatively effecting production efficiency and/or quality.
  • Works closely with Dispatch and Quality Control to optimize truck and personnel each day.
  • Proficient in the batching process and controls of the Command Alkon batching system, and other systems applicable to plant production or processes.
  • Responsible for properly maintaining plant and mobile equipment assigned to specific operation, including preventative maintenance and housekeeping.
  • Anticipates, plans, and schedules regular plant maintenance, such as, but not limited to: preventative maintenance, electrical, plumbing, welding and general mechanical repairs.
  • Monitors and completes applicable environmental reporting, correcting and reporting all deficiencies and makes recommendations to enhance environmental responsibility.
  • Ensures adequate and accurate inventory of raw materials. This includes, but is not limited to, weekly physical measurement of storage silos, aggregate stock piles, bulk admixture tanks and value added products such as fibers, dye, and expansion joints.

Required Training/Certifications:

  • VDOT Batch Technician
  • Current Virginia driver’s license